April 6, 2020

WTF Are The Akashic Records? Interview with Kavita Devi

Kavita is a full time psychic intuitive and energy healer in Singapore, offering Akashic Soul Reading, Tarot readings, Auset Temple Healing, and space clearing services.

Her goal is to bring my clients, in Singapore and overseas, the healing and wisdom of the higher realms, while being firmly rooted in reality. She hopes to assist them in seeing through the veils of spiritual glamour, trends, and limiting belief systems, in order to empower them to further their pursuits, spiritual or otherwise.

If you want to book reiki master healing, 121 coaching or astrology with me head to https://cassieaurora.com/services

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Disclaimer - This is for entertainment purposes only and in ALL my podcasts, I do not intent to diagnose, treat or cure and illness, mentally or physically. Please get the help of a medical professional in any case that these episodes trigger you.

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