January 10, 2020

The Truth About Eating Disorders: Recovery, Relapse & Everything In Between

WARNING: This episode can be triggering. If you have any issues around mental health, please seek health via a professional.

Please note that if you have an eating disorder that professional help and medical care is essential and this podcast is not a replacement or advice for anyone struggling.

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Other great influencers and resources -
The Fuck It Diet by Caroline Dooner (book)
Wellness Realness by Christina Rice (podcast) @christinaricewellness
Unbreakable You by Meg Doll (podcast) @iammegdoll
Anitdietriot on Instagram
Women, Food & God by Geneen Roth (book)
The Reach Approach (thereachapproach.co.uk)

Disclaimer - This is for entertainment purposes only and in ALL my podcast I do not intent to diagnose, treat or cure and illness, mentally or physically. Please get the help of a medical professional in any case that these episodes trigger you.

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