June 8, 2020

All About Human Design with Victoria Jane

Victoria Jane is a Human Design reader and coach, supporting women to find their unique flow.

Prior to this, she spent a decade in the tech industry in Silicon Valley achieving everything she thought she was “supposed to” in her career. But her health was a wreck. When she was forced to take medical leave, she got the wake up call that the life she’d created was not serving her.

As she went inward to heal herself physically, mentally, emotionally, she found Human Design. Discovering it changed her life. She reconnected back to her intuition and began working in alignment with her natural energy and gifts. It felt like coming home to herself.  

Today, she guides growth-oriented, professional women to do the same, so we can all live with less hustle and more flow. 

IG - @vitalbecoming, DM for reading or coaching 
To find out more about the empowered empress group coaching programme, DM me @iamcassiearora or email me at hello@cassieaurora.com

If you want to book energy healing, astrology or 121 coaching or astrology with me then please directly contact me via IG @iamcassieaurora or hello@cassieaurora.com. I cannot wait to hear from you!

Lots more FREE CONTENT via my website cassieaurora.com

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Disclaimer - This is for entertainment purposes only and in ALL my podcasts, I do not intent to diagnose, treat or cure and illness, mentally or physically. Please get the help of a medical professional in any case that these episodes trigger you.

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